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Flowers and Birds Market

Flowers and Birds Market

With a year-round mild climate, Kunming is widely reputed as the “Spring City”, where tourists may likely enjoy various blooming flowers and green trees in all seasons. However, the Flowers and Birds Market is the largest and most attractive trading market in Kunming, located in Jingxing Street. It has gradually developed into a comprehensive public place for shopping, trading and leisure since 1983.

When strolling along the market street, you will find shops and stalls of all sorts with a multitude of interesting goods, like beautiful blossoms and delicate plant crafts, various fishes and birds. The flowers here, like orchids, camellias, lilies, roses, and tulips, all bloom in profusion. You may also be offered loose flowers, made-up boutiques, or potted flowers and various styles of vases. The continuous bird songs, mostly from parrots, mynahs, thrushes, and cuckoos, draw these bird lovers to buy them. The fishes here are mainly tropical ones, which are small and brightly colored for home aquariums.

This street is also popularly regarded as a trade market for antiques, like curios, coins, jade articles, jewelry, ink stones, porcelains, potteries, stone carvings and marble products. Thus, it is the ideal place for tourists who like local handcrafted souvenirs. And also, prices here are generally reasonable and people may even bargain with the shoppers.