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Lashi Lake

Lashi Lake

Lashi Lake is located in the center of the Lashi Dam,10 kilometers away from the Old Town of Lijiang. With an elevation of 2,500 meters, it is an amazing area of more than 1000 hectares and also named as National Wetland Park. With a suitable climate and broad expanse of water, the Lashi Lake is the wetland shelter for over 57 kinds of 30,000 immigrant birds and some of them are the protected species like the black-neck Crane. This grassy marshland on the bank often gathers lots of water and it is the best place for plants, fishes, shellfish and river snails.
Every winter multitude of birds come here to pass the long cold winter safely, so it is impressive to see thousands of birds occupying everywhere, such as on the misty lake surface, on the willows, in the sky or even the backdrop hills. The Lashi Lake has picturesque scenery and is special for its excellent spring. Flowing from the jagged rock, the water is looks like a flawless emerald and even the bottom of the deep pool can be easily seen. Horse riding, boating and winter bird watching are the major activities here. You can imagine that sitting back in the boat on the lake or relaxing on the horse, seeing the lovely birds foraging with clusters of flowers and grass round. You will be surprised by this natural life in the peaceful Lashi Lake area far away from the town bustle and hustle.

1. If it is your first time to ride a horse, make sure your time of horsing not too long since bumpy ride on the horse back can easily make you feel sore.
2. When horsing, your pockets should be without anything because something dropping on the ground will frighten the horse. That is rather dangerous.