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Seven Star Park

Seven Star Park

Located about 1,500 meters away from the downtown and in the east of the Li River, Seven Star Park derives from the Seven Star Cave. It is named after seven peaks there, which are like downfallen big dipper. Green hills, crystal water, fantastic caves and beautiful rocks feature the park. Occupying over 40 hectares and integrating essences of hills, rivers, caves, rocks, courtyards and buildings as well as cultural relics, the park is known as the largest and most amazing comprehensive park in Guilin, also a miniature of Guilin landscape.

Major sightseeing spots include Seven Star Cave, Putuoshan Hill, Floral Bridge, Hidden-dragon Cave, Camel Hill, Crescent Moon rock, Children Park, Zoo, Mosque and Guihai Forest of Steles etc.

Regarded as one of the most popular sightseeing spots in Guilin, Seven Star Cave is seated at mountainside of Putuoshan Hill and runs about 1,100 meters in length, 54 meters at its widest point and 27 meters at its highest point. It was once a bed of underground stream, due to earth movement, the underground stream gradually rose, then the ground appeared and thus cave came into being. Thereafter, rainfall has been seeping into it constantly along gaps of rocks and limestone has been dissolved and crystallized in cave, thus various spectacular natural landscapes like stalactite, stalagmite and columns has been formed.

Besides, Floral Bridge, Hidden-dragon Cave, Forest of Stone Inscriptions, Seven-Star Hill, Camel Hill, etc. are also worth a visit.