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Elephant Trunk Hill

Elephant Trunk Hill

Situated in the intersection of Taohua River and Li River with 55 meters above the surface of the river, Elephant Trunk Hill is 108 meters high and 100 meters wide. It is made of pure limestone deposited under the sea 0.36 billions years ago, like a huge elephant trunk sucking water from the river. On the cliff there are more than 50 pieces of carved inscriptions during different periods.

With Lishan Hill as its old name and Elephant Hill for short, it is well - known for its miraculous appearance. In detail, the image of the hill looks extremely similar to an elephant; moreover, between the elephant's trunk and the body, there is a big cave that makes the reflection in water an exact image of a full moon and forms an extraordinary sight named "Moon Water of Elephant Hill". For this reason, the cave is named as "Water Moon Cave". "Moon Water of Elephant Hill" faces to "Pierced Hill Moon Rock" in the south. In the evening, an image that one moon hanging on the sky, and another one floating on the water is formed, making a remarkable sight named "Bi-moon in Li River ". Therefore, Elephant Hill is regarded as symbol of Guilin, even Guangxi.