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Li River

Li River

Located in east of Guangxi and originated from "the first peak in South China" Maoershan Hill which owns great ecological environment, Li River refers to the water path covering from Guilin to Yangshuo and is 83 kilometers in length. The whole Guilin city is embraced by Li River, the water of which is extremely limpid. Like a green belt, it winds along untold hills and peaks that makes beautiful inverted image on green and clear surface of the river, together with deep pools, fancy fountains and torrential waterfall, in addition, it forms a colorful scroll painting called "Hundred miles Li River and hundred miles art gallery".

A great point of sightseeing on Li River is that you don't have to worry about the weather condition. The reason lies in that different weather conditions make various charming sceneries on Li River. On sunny days, you could feast on fantastic inverted images of hills and peaks; on cloudy days, all hills will be covered by floating clouds; on rainy days, the whole river will be enveloped in misty rain, with clouds floating through the hills on both sides which appear indistinctly. It is just like a scroll of fabulous ink and wash painting, highly praised as "Boating on green river, traveling in scroll painting".

Li River belongs to Pearl River system, and is regarded as a bright pearl of landscape in China. It is essence of Guilin landscape and has been well - known since Tang Dynasty.