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Sanxingdui Museum

Sanxingdui  Museum

Centered on Sichuan's Yangtze River valley in the southwest region, Sanxingdui is named after the distribution of three mounds on Chengdu Plain, which likes three golden stars in a line. Sanxingdui relic, the site covers an area of about 12 square kilometers, and is the largest, oldest, most connotational ancient Shu cultural ruins. It is said that Sanxingdui relic was first discovered in 1929. A peasant found a piece of jade accidently when digging a ditch. It didn’t arouse people’s much attention until a large amount of relics were unearthed, including the bronze, gold, jade and marble artifacts, pottery, bone tools and ivory objects in 1980s. Sanxingdui Museum was built to protect and research these excavated antiques and was open to the public in 1997.

With history of more than 4000 years, Sanxingdui relic is considered as the largest cultural relics of ancient “Shu” (Sichuan).