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Thatched Cottage of Du Fu

Thatched Cottage of Du Fu

The cottage was once the residence of Du Fu, who is one of the greatest realistic poets in Tang Dynasty (618A.D-907A.D.) and is praised as “Sage of Chinese Poems”, and now has been developed into a museum in memory of Du Fu.

In 755 A.D., An Lushan, commander-in-chief at current time, started a rebellion, and Du Fu was after he exiled from Chang’an (ancient Xi’an) to Chengdu during this rebellion. When arriving in Chengdu, Du Fu was immediately obsessed by the beautiful scenery and decided to build his hut here. During his stay of nearly four years, he composed more than 400 of his 1400 existing poems to reflect the people in misery. To commemorate this great poet, people have built a garden surrounded with various trees and flowers on the site of his simple cottage and made it more solemn and serene.

Within this tour site, visitors will also see Gongbu Shrine, Water Pavilion, Hall of Poem History, Lobby and Front Gate. The most important sight is the display of Du Fu’s numerous hand-written copies, a collection of biographies, booklets, literary commentary on his life, and other relics, which shows his great contribution to Chinese poems and culture.