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Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is located at 15 kilometers away on north of Lijiang in Yunnan province and is the southern section of the Hengduan Mountains in China. It consists of 13 peaks, among which the tallest one owns latitude of 4000 meters, and stretches a length of 35 kilometers (22 miles) and a width of 20 kilometers (13 miles). The top of the mountain is covered with thick snow all the year round; therefore, the mountain looks like a vivid fog-enlaced jade dragon.

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is famous for its characteristics of ruggedness, peculiarity and majesty and now it is a national-level scenic area.

The scenery there changes with the climate; sometimes it is cloudless in the sky while sometimes vague due to the peaks with fog all around. Each of the meadows on Jade Dragon Snow Mountain has its own special character because of their different landscape and height.

It is a sanctuary for rare animals and wild plants. In fact, one fourth of all plant species in China can be found here and 20 primeval forest communities shelter a big family of 400 types of trees and 30 kinds of animals which are protected by the state.

The mountain is called the "Natural Glacier Museum" for it has all types of glacier. Move down from the mountaintop and you can see rivers and pools, which are formed by the thawed snow water running along the valley and through the forests and every sight brings you a surprise and every step takes you to a new scene. There remain several well-known sceneries, for example, alpine snow, spring deep pool, meadow, Snow Mountain's cableway and so on; all of above will give visitors deep shocks. Besides, the famous “Impression Ljiang” makes Jade Dragon Snow Mountain its background and performs marvelous composition.

Admission Fee: CNY225
Best Seasons: from February to June