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Barkhor Street

Barkhor Street

Generally, Barkhor Street is referred to the ancient and bustling commercial street surrounding Jokhang Temple, located in the downtown area of the old Lhasa city. It is another must-see attraction for tourists from home or abroad.

This quadrangle-shaped street is only 1km long, but with a collection of shops and stores on both sides. They offer tourists all sorts of items unique to Tibet, like the Tibetan Buddhist articles of Thangkas, Buddhist statues, prayer wheels, butter lamps, prayer flags, sutras, beads, incense. Others also provide an abundance of Tibetan souvenirs to the curious tourists. Surprisingly, you may likely find various articles from India and Nepal as well. All of these actually show the original outlook and life of Lhasa.

As to its history, Barkhor Street can date back to the year 647, when Jokhang Temple was built by the first king of Tibet, Songtsen Gampo. After the completion of the temple, a large number of Buddhist pilgrims were attracted here to pray; thus, a trodden path around it gradually came into being, which was the origin of Barkhor Street. These Tibetan Buddhists pilgrimages hold prayer wheels, chant prayers and prostrate themselves clockwise around the street to show their piety, which you can even still see today.

Visiting the Barkhor Street, you will be greatly shocked by its multifarious Tibetan Buddhist articles and pious religious atmosphere, which you’ve never seen before. I think this tour of Barkhor Street will actually bring you an unforgettable experience.