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Bai Residence

Bai Residence

Bai residence is always kept bright and clean in the habitation, like in Dali, Jianchuan, Eryuan, etc. The Bai craftsmen practiced creating traditional Chinese dwellings, cultivating an impressing architectural style all the while.

The dwellings of the Bai minority in Dali, Yunnan Province always make a strong impression on the travelers. According to the tradition of Bai-style architecture, the screen wall should face east in order to make use of the early morning sun and reflect the light into the inner rooms. Generally speaking, layout of the Bai residence architecture can be divided into several unique forms: three houses gathered in a yard with a screen wall in front to make the yard not to be viewed directly; walking inside, one will see the second and then the third parts, each of the parts is enclosed by four houses with four small rooms built between each of the houses, etc. All of the above are typical house style in Dali. Most of the Bai residences have two floors, on whose wall always decorate with ink paintings and wood carvings. Bai minority people usually make their gate in the northeast of their yard with a “fu” (A Chinese character means luck.) on the fence.