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Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center

Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center

Located in the People's Square, Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center with a modern central symmetric structure shows the aesthetic concept of Chinese traditional architecture. The grid roof of the building symbolizes magnolia, Shanghai's city flower.

Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center occupies an area about 20,000m2 and was officially open to the public on February 25th 2000. Themed on "City, Citizens, Environment, and Development", the Center displays the past, present and future of Shanghai by traditional and modern displaying means. Since its opening, the Center has received about 5 million visitors from home and abroad and is regarded as the "Window of the City".

Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center not only shows the information of urban development, but also expresses Shanghai citizens' cultural and artistic cultivation. Over 100 exhibitions have been held in the second floor exhibition hall. Arts of world top artists, the design of world famous architectural and space designer, the exhibitions showing the new way of life, and the science promotional and educational exhibition are displayed for people of different ages. They have a great impact on the country and have made the visitors get the art enlightenment while visiting Shanghai.

Video of "Urban History of Shanghai", Electronic Screen Demonstration of "Yuyuan Garden", Protection of Historic and Cultural City, Circular-screen Demonstration Hall, Model of the Downtown Area of Central Shanghai, Shanghai Airport, Yangshan Deepwater Port, etc. are included as highlights of Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center.