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Hubei Museum

Hubei Museum

Located on 373 Qingnian Rd, Hankou, 300 meters west of Hankou railway station, Hubei Museum formally opened to the public on October 1st, 2001. It occupies an area of 17,834 square meters with an exhibition area of 600 square meters. The main construction is comprised of exhibition hall, cultural relics storage and facility house. With its solemn and magnificent building, it combines the elegant oriental culture and modernized functions into a body.

Hubei Museum is in an abundant collection, which can amount to over 100,000 pieces involving ceramics, bronze ware, painting & calligraphy, jade ware, enamel vessels, seals, etc. Some of these rare collections are imperially made by the fabricating office of the Qing Dynasty imperial palace, masterpieces by celebrities over generations; among these collections, you can find some unearthed relics of greatest worth to archaeological studies, and perfect-craftsmanship treasures handed down from ancient times. As a modern and comprehensive museum, it embodies cultural relics storage, academic research, publicity & education, cultural exchanges and entertainment into a whole.

Hubei Museum unfolds long-standing historic culture to people who cares about Wuhan and pursue it with their heart.