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Heavenly Lake of Tian Shan

Heavenly Lake of Tian Shan

Situated at Fukang City, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Heavenly Lake of Tian Shan has developed into a natural scenic spot with souring mountains and lakes as its essence. Tian Shan stretches about 2,500 km from east to west and 250 km-350 km from south to the north. With Heavenly Lake as its center, this natural scenic spot has combined forests, grasslands, snow mountains and human landscapes all in one, which comes into being a very unique landscape style.

In spring, when breeze furls the lake, flowers will be in their blossom and willow will dance with the wind. As time moves on, in the late April, chilly spring breeze will melt glaciers into water, and lake water will gradually turn green. As spring goes on, larks start to sing, and spruces in the mountain turn green. With green mountains, verdant grassland, limpid water, singing birds and flamboyant blossoms, spring with vitality will be presented to you.

In summer, when scorching weather tortures people, it is, however, pretty cool here in Tian Shan. You can cruise along the lake, with luxuriant spruces, clear lake water, blooming flowers and singing birds before your eyes, where you can fully appreciate this fairyland.

In fall, Heavenly Lake Scenic Spot comes into its peak of year. Clear skies, magnificent birth trees, dark green spruces together develop colorful, splendid and graceful autumnal sceneries.

In winter, covered with wild snow, Heavenly Lake looks like the fairy world only with black and white color, which seems to be peaceful and serene.