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Mt.Jiuhua is known as one of the four Buddhist Mountains in China and originally known as Jiuzi (Nine-Peak) Mount. Li Bai, a famous Chinese poet over 1300 years ago wrote of the mountain:”sailing on the Yangtze River, watching Mt.Jiuhua from after, green water falls from the sky, nine lotuses appear in the air.” This expresses the poet’s great admiration for Mt.Jiuhua. From then on, the mountain was renamed as Mt.Jiuhua.

Mt.Jiuhua covers more than 100 square kilometers in area, which has been known to have 99 peaks, and the main peak of the Shiwang Peak is 1,342m above sea level. It is full of waterfalls, streams, exotic-looking boulders, ancient caves, old pines and exuberant bamboo. With the richly variegated landscape, the ancient temples are tucked away amid the dense woods and the air reverberates with the tolling of the bells at dawn and dusk. Mt.Jiuhua is usually known as the No.1 Mountain of the southeast.