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Jingzhou Museum

Jingzhou Museum

Constructed inside the west gate of Jingzhou City, a famous historic and cultural city in China, Jingzhou Museum is a local comprehensive museum which combines exhibition, publicity and education, relics collection and conservation, archaeological excavation and research all in one, with an area of over 50 thousand square meters. It is made up of Kaiyuan Abbey, exhibition building, treasure chamber, cultural relics storage building, offices etc.

It is boasted with 130 thousand articles, including cultural relics dug out or passed down from ancient times, and revolutionary relics like bronze, chinaware, pottery, jade, stoneware, silk fabrics, painting, etc. among these collections, there are various clay animals, unbelievable jades, what’s more, the silks excavated from the tomb of Warring States period at Mashan, which enjoy the worldwide fame with complete varieties and exquisite craftsmanship.