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Pelkhor Monastery

Pelkhor Monastery

Lying about 230 kilometers (143 miles) south of Lhasa and 100 kilometers (62 miles) east of Shigatse, Pelkhor Monastery (PalkhorChoede or Palcho Monastery) is a monastery having the characteristics of Han, Tibetan and Nepali architecture. Pelkhor Choede is built under the condition that religious sects in Tibet hold the balance of power; therefore, it houses three sects - Sakyapa, Kadampa and Gelugpa together. Those above three sects get along well with each other and hold several Zhacang (hall for the monks) each though they once quarreled and fought. The Bodhi Dagoba, the Main Assembly Hall, murals and Zhacang in the monastery are the most renowned. In Pelkhor Choede, there lies a magnificent Buddha Pagoda, which is also named “Ten Thousand Buddha Pagoda” due to about ten thousand figures of Buddha celebrated in the chapels, shrines or as murals in the pagoda. The pagoda comprises nearly one hundred chapels which overlap one upon another, thus people call this kind of structure “tower upon tower”

Ticket: CNY 40

Opening Hours: 9:00~19:00

1. Tourists need to pay CNY 15 if they want to bring their camera into the Bodhi Dagoba.
2. To get to Pelkhor Choede, tourists should take the minibus (Shigatse-Gyangtse) at Shigatse Bus Station. The ticket is about CNY 25 per person. Arriving at Gyangtse, then take a short walk to Pelkhor Monastery.