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Chibi Ancient Battlefield

Chibi Ancient Battlefield

Chibi is ruins of the ancient battlefield in the Three Kingdoms period. The main landscapes include Chibi Cliffside Inscriptions, Wind-praying Altar and Chibi Gallery of Steles.

Wind-praying Altar: It is also named Wuhou Palace. It is located on Nanping mountaintop which is to the southeast of Chibi Mountain. This palace is built to honor Marquis Zhuge. In the inner temple, the vivid whole-body statues of Liubei, Guanyu, Zhangfei, and Zhugeliang with flyaway robe girdles are deposited.

Chibi Gallery of Steles: It is situated on the right of Wind-praying Altar. It is a four-sided cloister composed of 25 steles. On the stele, there are poems concerning Chibi War made by poets of successive dynasties. These stone inscriptions are made finely in running hand, cursive script, seal character, and Li character with different styles. They can be claimed as immortal works.