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Kumbum Stupa

Kumbum Stupa

Kumbum Stupa is the landmark of Gyantse, a town located to the southwest of Lhasa city. It is the only Nepalese-style stupa in Tibet and one of the most extraordinary temples in the world. Deemed as the symbol of the monastery, the spectacular stupa consists of hundreds of chapels in layers, housing about a hundred thousand images of various icons including great adepts in Buddhist history and outstanding figures in Tibetan history. In total there are about 3,000 statues and hence it is rated as a museum of buddhas.

The Kumbum Stupa, owns an area of 2200 square meters and 77 Buddhist halls in which about ten thousand of figures of Buddha gathered. Started in 1418 and completed in 1427,the Kumbum Stupa, capped with a gold dome, is designed in classic stupa or pagoda style. This amazing architecture is 35 meters in height, octagonal in shape; meanwhile, it has a 9-storey terraced exterior, 108 chapels, and superb murals (wall paintings). Both are religious models of the Buddhist cosmos, ordered symbols of time, space and causation. Around the walls in the yard there are various fine and beautiful frescos, and the delicate specimen of wild oxen, goats, monkeys, black bears and other animals displayed in the porches on both sides. The layout is compactly organized and the towering buildings display great momentum with a resplendent and magnificent view.