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Buddhist Nun Monastery

Buddhist Nun Monastery

Buddhist Nun Monastery is the only Buddhist nunnery in the old city of Lhasa . Located within the area around Barkhor Street, it has unique tradition and style. It’s rather a perfect place for feminine Buddhists as well as ladies in society to find out Buddhism and information; hence, many influential figures were nuns here, including Samding Dojepamo Deqenquzhen, the sole female living Buddha in Tibet.
The temple is not large, but terribly clean and neatly ordered. It is divided into two parts, one for ceremonial activities and the other for daily activities. Lovely strolling in the Buddhist Nun Monastery, one can easily love this pretty temple. Stone steps lead to the main entrance of the nunnery. The beige walls, black window lattices and colorful flowers in the garden are perfectly and neatly arranged, showing serenity and tranquility. All nuns here are very kind, always with smiles on their faces.
Buddhist Nun Monastery is especially famous for its underground cave, in which Srongtsen Gampo, a renowned Buddhist, once cultivated himself. Inside the cave now enshrines a statue of Srongtsen Gampo. For centuries, this ancient sacred cave has welcomed tens of thousands of pilgrims from around Tibet to pray and chant. In addition to its unique religious dedication, Buddhist Nun Monastery is popular among local residents also because it manages to raise funds by itself. The clinic, the tea house looking on the street and the small tea garden hiding inside are all belong to this extraordinary temple.
Opening hour: 8:00-20:00