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Three Gorges Museum

Three Gorges Museum

Three Gorges Museum is a monographic museum, also a non-profit cultural and educational institution. It undertakes the preservation, education, scientific research on cultural relics and natural environment evidence of Chongqing and Three Gorges area.

Three Gorges Museum is situated opposite the Chongqing People's Hall, and linked with People’s Square with a giant Chinese lute pattern. When looking to the west from the People’s Hall, it is like a rising sun above the water. The museum occupies a whole area of 42,497 square meters (about 50,828 square yards) and the exhibition hall covers 23,225 square meters (about 27,778 square yards). The exterior of the museum has cambered walls representing the historical culture of Three Gorges; and blue vitreous dome, seems like the water that brings the culture from ancient to now.

There is also a 360 digital cinema of Three Gorges that mainly shows and permanently keep the natural and social sceneries of Three Gorges.