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Gao’s Courtyard (Bangyan Mansion)

Gao’s Courtyard (Bangyan Mansion)

Located in the Muslim Quarter, Gao’s Courtyard is the former residence of GaoYuesong in the Ming Dynasty. In Gao Yuesong's youth, he took the imperial examination in Ming Dynasty and was appointed as the runner - up at palace examination by emperor personally. Emperor Chongzhen bestowed him this courtyard. He was fairly loyal and diligent in his career and his upright won him a good reputation.

With a living space of 2,517 square meters, there are altogether 86 rooms. The House is a brick and wood structure; a rectangular courtyard with three courtyards and four separate spaces inside. The main body of the House was built in the Chongzhen year of the Ming Dynasty, and has a history of over 400 years.

The courtyard buildings have exhibitions of period furniture, paintings, pottery, porcelain, photos and demonstrations of folk art, including a shadow puppet play with traditional music.