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Jiuquan Park

Jiuquan Park

Located in the east 2 kilometers to the Jiuquan City, Jiuquan Park is famous for an old spring and its interesting story. And with a history of over 2000 years, this park has developed into a comprehensive one integrated with classic gardens, natural lakes, cultural recreations and entertainments.

Jiuquan Park literally means “Alcohol Spring” and its interesting story is associated with Huo Qubing, a famous general in the Western Han Dynasty, who defeated Xiongnu (nomadic pastoral people of Central Asia) and shared royal wine with all his soldiers by pouring it into a spring. Thus, the name of Jiuquan Park came into being.
Entering the park, visitors can view the limpid spring water flowing northward into a lake which is surrounded with rockeries and has a landscaped island in the center. A stone bridge crosses over the lake with willows weeping around it. All of these sceneries make Jiuquan Park a spot worth visiting.