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                                                                       Pleasant Time of Breck School in China


As the most well-known private school in Minnesota of USA, Breck School serves as the earliest and the most fast growing school offering Chinese linguistic and cultural courses. Since 1976, Wang Zhaohua, Chinese teacher in the school, has been arranging almost 15 to 30 students in Chinese class each year into a China tour. In order to make more American students have a better understanding of China and Chinese culture, we, Holiday International Travel Service Co. Ltd.(HITS) has been providing Breck School with excellent China tour including a visit to a local Chinese kindergarten, High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China,large cities and also to villages and different regions of China and even a hospital for an access to acupuncture and moxibustion. The following are details depicting Ms Wang and her students having fun in China, hope you could enjoy it!

Watching thousands of high school students of RDFZ in rows doing morning exercises, out of curiosity, Breck girls just can not help imitating their moves.


Hearing Boys and girls singing in the rhythm of clapping hands, Breck girls sing together and take photos for them.

The attending doctor is making the neck massage for foreign friend.

President of Xi’an Translation association is giving a lecture for Breck students. 

Having watched wonderful Dragon and Lion Dance performed by hospitable farmers, these vigorous teens also try their best to learn to perform Dragon and Lion Dance in return for farmers’ kind treat.