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Why travel in a small group?

The size of our well-designed small group reaches 10 persons at least. Compared to private tour, the size is enlarged; however, the service quality can be still guaranteed. Travelers in a small group will visit the most classic sightseeing spots, enjoy quality service provided by worldwide brand 5 star hotels, have tasty meals in fancy restaurants and get more individual care and attention. Besides, every single traveler in a small group can also enjoy their highly-valued tour with following advantages:


1. Get an economical price. Different from private tour, you can share expenses on the unique trip with other members in the group, so your own budget can be saved a lot.


2. Slow down the proceeding pace. It allows you to slow down and appreciate the unexpected travel experience with enough flexibility which is impossible in larger groups.


3. Make friends and share your delight. During the tour, you and other members in the small group will travel together, allowing more personal interaction in exchanges of views and cultures, and this will give you much freshness and surprise.

$ 899
9 Days Group Tour of Beijing/Xi'an/Shanghai

CGT-01 : Essence Tour of China

9 Days Group Tour of Beijing/Xi'an/Shanghai

From: $ 899


  1. Classic tour for your first visit to China.
  2. Golden Triangle of China tour destinations; ancient and modern miracles.
  3. Mysterious Great Wall, the Forbidden City and the Terra-cotta Army to be discovered.
$ 1,099
11 Days Group Tour of Beijing/Xi'an/Hangzhou/Wuzhen/Suzhou/Shanghai

CGT-02 : Golden Triangle with Water Town

11 Days Group Tour of Beijing/Xi'an/Hangzhou/Wuzhen/Suzhou/Shanghai

From: $ 1,099


  1. Paradise in heaven, Suzhou and Hangzhou on earth.
  2. Unforgettable tour at beautiful water town which can rival Venice.
$ 1,299
11 Days Group Tour of Beijing /Xi'an/Guilin/Shanghai

CGT-03 : China Highlights

11 Days Group Tour of Beijing /Xi'an/Guilin/Shanghai

From: $ 1,299


  1. Cultural heritages of Beijing and Xi’an.
  2. Exciting cruise tour along the Li River.
  3. The most beautiful scenery on earth in Guilin and Yangshuo.
  4. International and modern metropolis of Shanghai.
$ 999
11 Days Tour of Shanghai/Zhengzhou/Luoyang/Xi'an/Beijing

CGT-04 : Collection of Ancient Cities with Shaolin Kongfu

11 Days Tour of Shanghai/Zhengzhou/Luoyang/Xi'an/Beijing

From: $ 999


  1. Your best choice for experiencing China’s variety in a short trip.
  2. Ancient and modern miracles.
  3. Kung Fu tour of Shaolin Temple.
  4. Cultural heritage of Longmen Grottoes.