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Before Travel

Passport & Visa

All foreign nationals traveling to the People 's Republic of China (PRC) must travel with a valid passport and a visa obtained prior to entering the country. US citizens are not required to have a visa when traveling to Hong Kong and Macau if your stay in these destinations is less than 90 days in duration.




Your passport must have a minimum six months remaining validity after your scheduled entry date into China. Your passport must have at least one entirely blank page for the affixed visa. Your passport should be signed to be valid, and must be physically submitted to China Consulate by yourself or your agent if you choose to handle your visa application on your own.




China Visa

You must obtain a visa prior to entering Mainland China (PRC). Your tourist visa (Type L) is good for up to 30 days after the entry date to China. The thirty-day visa is activated on the date you enter China, rather than on the date of issuance. You must enter China within three months (or six months as specified on the Visa) after the date of issuance otherwise the visa expires.




Type of Visa

If your trip includes Hong Kong, you need a double entry visa; otherwise, a single entry visa is sufficient. However, since China Consulate charges a flat fee for double/single entry visa, we usually apply for double entry visa regardless of tours. G visa -- transit; L visa -- tourism; F visa -- business trips, internships, short study; Z visa -- working; X visa -- study more than six months.