• 1.Well selected spots operated in ease pace
  • 2.Professional team of guides and consultants
  • 3.Deluxe worldwide hotels only
  • 4.Hand-picked Meals
  • 5.Private luxury vehicles
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    206-273-7550 (US)

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    Email: chinatour@263.net

While Traveling

Does the quotation you offer include tipping?

No, the quotation we offer does not include tipping. However, it becomes a common practice to leave a tip to the tour guides, drives, waiters/waitress, etc. as recognition of their services. For advised amount about tip, we would like to mention that this is not compulsive as we pay the guides and drivers a good and reasonable salary. The amount of your tip is based on the satisfaction you have received from the guides and drivers.

The usual amount is about CNY100 /day at least to a guide and half amount to a driver (a separate offer to them is better) if their services satisfy you. Of course, you can pay more or choose not to pay on different occasions.