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While Traveling

How about the taxi in China?

In most cities in China, there are taxis available. Taxi fares may be different in different cities, but the prices are marked on the taxi window, and the drivers are supposed to use taximeter. Most taxi drivers do not understand English, it is better for you to have your destinations written down in Chinese so that you can show the address to the taxi driver.



I have booked a private tour, but why bus transfers were provided during my tour?

"Private tour" refers to that you will have private car/van/bus, guide and driver at your service when touring in each city or place. It does not include private transportation between cities or places, instead flights, train, ships or local buses for in-land transportation. For example, if you take a Yangtze River Cruise tour, the public bus will be provided during shore excursion.



What is the airport tax in China?

Airport tax or airport construction fee is of 50 Yuan (about US$6) for the domestic flights. International Departure Tax (even flying to Hong Kong or Macau) is 90 Yuan (about US$11). Our quotation will include the airport tax if the domestic flight booking is involved.