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  • 5.Private luxury vehicles
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    206-273-7550 (US)

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Before Travel

What are the things I need to pack?

Here is some advice for your packing list: 1) The passport with all necessary visas and travel documents; 2) Print out the confirmation letter and itinerary you get from us and bring one copy with you; 3) Your medical record & First-aid kit & Medicines & Vitamins; 4) Casual outdoor clothing & shoes; 5) Raincoat and/or umbrella; 6) Hat, Sunglasses & Sunscreen, depending on the season and your destination; 7) Address and telephone number list; 8) Wallet & Credit cards & Traveler's checks; 9) Chargers for your mobile phone, digital camera etc. An electrical transformer could be useful. China uses 220V electricity for 110v devices cannot be used on this system; 10) Converter if you have one or it is necessary for you to have one; 11) Airline tickets/train tickets; 12) Do not bring expensive jewelry and watches; 13) If you are taking a more adventurous trip, it's a good idea to take your own silk sleeping bag liner and lightweight travel towel along with a reasonable supply of tissues, torch, and personal toiletries.