• 1.Well selected spots operated in ease pace
  • 2.Professional team of guides and consultants
  • 3.Deluxe worldwide hotels only
  • 4.Hand-picked Meals
  • 5.Private luxury vehicles
  • 206-273-7549 (US)

    206-273-7550 (US)

    400-660-6665 (Free in China)

    400-660-6662 (Free in China)

    Email: chinatour@263.net

While Traveling

Will your guide accompany us throughout the tour?

If you think it is necessary for you to have a Chinese national guide accompanying you throughout the tour within China, we can always make the arrangement for that - with an extra cost of course.





How can I know who will be my tour guide when I arrive at airport or railway station?

Our guide will meet you at arriving gate of each airport or railway station by holding a board /a piece of paper with your name on it, so it will be very easy for you to recognize the guide when you arrive.