• 1.Well selected spots operated in ease pace
  • 2.Professional team of guides and consultants
  • 3.Deluxe worldwide hotels only
  • 4.Hand-picked Meals
  • 5.Private luxury vehicles
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While Traveling

What kind of meals will be included in your package tours?

All the breakfast we provided are western style buffet, however lunch and dinner we usually arrange Chinese style or local flavor for our clients, all the restaurants are hand picked by our carefully investigation and we have received lots of positive comments from our clients.





We have several meals on our own; can you give us some suggestions about this?

First, always choose those restaurants that are dependable in terms of health and quality. Second, ask the waiters/waitresses what the food they serve exactly is before you order, because sometimes at certain restaurants they give beautiful names to food you may do not like. Third, you can always ask your tour guides about what to eat and where to eat, and they can give you some advice. Forth, some of the restaurants do not accept credit card, you are suggested to bring a certain amount cash by hand.




Will we be able to try some local food in different places we are going to visit?

To guarantee the health and quality, all the meals offered for you are in the government approved restaurants; sometimes, meals will be offered in the hotels above four-star. But if you do want to try local food at the local restaurants, please tell your guides, and they will try to meet your requirements.




> We are strictly vegetarianism.

We will try our best to ask the restaurants to arrange suitable food for you, or you can order a la carte meal but the extra charge may incurred according to your menu.