Tingri Mt. Everest Hotel


Located in Baiba town of Tingri at the foot of Mt. Everest, Tingri Everest Hotel is only 100km from the Mt. Everest and only 5 km from the Checking point of Sino-Nepal border. It is one of the highest hotels in the world.
The restaurant can serve 120 people at one time. Because of the hotel's location, it also provides the necessary facilities including traffic, communication and clinic for some emergencies. For people coming to Everest area to make a visit, survey, explore and climb the mountain, it is an only camp that must be passed. But in every winter, this hotel will be closed until the next spring.

Tingri Mt. Everest Hotel


Near Main Gau Ghat
Address: Baiba town, Dingri County, Tibet
Surroundings: Mt. Everest
TEL: 86-892-8262268 (Front desk)

3.Room Types:

  • Wash Room

    Wash Room

  • Standard Twin Room

    Standard Twin Room

    Twin bed, 24 – hour hot water supply

4.Main Amenities:

Hotel Facilities:
Massage Treatment
Shopping Center
Meeting room
Luggage service
Laundry service
Room service
Commercial center
Car rental service

Responding to the remoteness and high elevation of the area, the hotel also provide with necessities of traffic, communication and medical treatment for emergency caused by high altitude sickness and anoxia.

Room Amenities:
The hotel has 180 beds, divided into standard room, Tibetan standard room, top-grade economic room and ordinary economic room.
Hot and cold water
Cable TV
Color Television
Bath and Shower
IDD (International Direct Dial)
Domestic Long-distance Call

5.Photos Gallery

Dinning Room
Dinning Room
Washing Room
Washing Room


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