New Orient Express Train

Name:New Orient Express Train

Chartered by CTCN for the following dates:
Jun 05th, Jun 19th, Oct 09th for the route from Xi'an to Turpan
May 30th, Jun 13th , Oct 03rd for the route from Turpan to Xi'an
Recently Decorated in: 2012
Air-conditioning: 24 hours Central Controlled


Compartment Info

Since June, we can often see a milk-white train with a mark of “UR” marching on the railways of Longhai, Lanxin and Xinjiang. That is Orient Express, the most luxurious tourist train in China by now.

The Orient Express is noted as the latest and luxurious train in China, the first and only one featured a deluxe bar; thus, it is said that facilities and amenities on this train can be competed with a four-star hotel. On this train, each railroad car owns 6-8 luxury rooms and 2 toilets. Each room  accommodates 2 guests only. What’s more, each of the railroad cars have their exclusive waiters or waitresses cleaning up the guestrooms and offering guests mineral waters, tea and fruit in time.

In addition, it is also a rather comfortable train, on which you can walk through the whole railroad cars, have a rest in dining cars, or enjoy afternoon tea, Karaoke, cultural activities in the only bar. 

Since August 2002, the train has changed its facilities, and sanitary amenities are all available. The Orient Express has a total of 12 railroad cars and can hold 72-96 guests. It is fully equipped with comfortable carpets and 24-hour air conditioning.

  • Music feast:

    Traveling with a music feast, one can better understand the vastness of heaven and earth, the combination of creators and nature.

  • Cultural activities:

    The cultural and historical symposiums and folk performances will enrich your knowledge of China; and a collection of pictures about the Silk Road will truly highlight your tour.

  • The unique visit:

    You may visit the whole Silk Road within China, not only one section. It will show you the panorama of the Silk Road.

  • Services for VIP:

    Free fruit, tea and mineral water offered in ration everyday. Guestrooms are tidied in time to keep a clean and comfortable environment.

  • Exquisite Cuisine:

    More than 100 dishes with local features, never in reduplication.