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  Jinshanzui Fishing Village

As the earliest coastal and the last fishing village in Shanghai, Jinshanzui Fishing Village is close to Hangzhou Bay and stands in the northern side of Shanghai-Hangzhou highway. Only within one step from the sea and faces Jinshan Three Island across the sea, it features diversified and tasty seafood cuisine. With their own typical characteristics, seafood in the food street and snacks from fisherman’s inn become an increasing appeal for visitors with various interests and tastes.



Pursue fishing village memory

A glimpse of bronzed fishermen, seasonal & delicious fish, shrimp, crab and other seafood, deep and shallow footprints along beaches, vivid fishermen paintings, faintly visible Jinshan Three Island, your mind will be instantly carved with blue brand of small fishing village in the modern Shanghai.



Savor fishing flavor

Age has left tiles on the eaves, old houses along the alley and a bunch of fishing village legends. When strolling around the old street and ascend the stairs, you may inadvertently come across an aged fishing houses or historic sites. Those ancestors’ life imprint reflected in the clear fishing paintings sheds unique fishing flavor going through the years and will surely give you a haunting memory.



Taste seafood

There are four fishing seasons all the year around and residents here live on the seafood. With abundant seafood, you could explore a cate journey here in Jinshanzui, which can fully satisfy your tastebuds and make you nonstop.



Enjoy fishing pleasure

Accommodating in the fisherman’s houses, you could lean against the latticed window and enjoy the sea view, or stay in bed listening to the gentle lapping of the water, or you could also ramble along the beach and pick up a basket of shells in the setting sun. Far from the madding crowd, you could be a free fisherman and romance yourself with this aged fishing village.